mplib1 - a toolkit library for multiple process development


mplib1 is a toolkit library designed to aid the C developer by providing a range of integrated functions which are aimed at the multiple process model.

Included in the library are a consistent set of private list functions, and also a suite of routines to simplify the creation of localised caches from database fetches.

By far the largest and most complex area of the library is the collection of routines that allow multiple processes to rapidly share data held in IPC shared memory or mmap-ed files. These processes do not need to be directly related as in traditional forked or threaded systems, but can be any process that has access to the connection data and permission to do so. In fact, a number of utilities are provided as part of the library which allow a user to investigate what is occuring in a live system.

Extensive documentation including a number of worked examples and tutorials is included, and can be browsed here .

The current version of the library V4.2.0 can be found here


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